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About Us

AAAFACEMASK is a U.S. based state-of-the-art-manufacturing company that produces face mask products, while doing so with your health and safety in mind. The recent pandemic has inspired us to build an institution that is not just geared towards selling just another product, but built to provide the highest quality face mask for our community. We are committed to not only helping out First Responders, Medical professional, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, but also the loved ones they got work for.
People don't care about how much you know until they know how much your care.
With multiple jobs created and over 100,000 face masks donated to local government and private institutions, AAAFACEMASK will continue to work with everyone to aid in the efforts to create a safer community and a stronger America.

Mission, Vision, & Values

To produce and distribute the highest quality respiratory face mask in the industry with environmentally friendly material, while helping strengthen the United States
To become the number one distributor of face masks in the country, while simultaneously aiding in safety of our customers and the surrounding community.
To insure our overall goals are tied to the best interest of the community that we are actively trying to protect.